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Thank you for taking 2 mins to register your FGAS installation for warranty.

We will now verify your details and provide a warranty certificate within 7 days.

An example of the certificate you will receive is below.


We want you to understand the reasons for this extra measure.

1. You have just helped protect the future of our industry by preventing rogue suppliers who buy products with company FGAS but then sell/deliver to those who are not qualified to install FGAS products professionally and safely. 

2. Your business will receive a warranty certificate that provides you with an opportunity to deliver a long term maintenance contract, it is your company that needs to register at least one of your service visits every year in retaining a full-term warranty.

3. Ensuring our product is periodically and professionally maintained not only saves end-user running costs it is proven to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on key components. This ensuring our products are responsibly taken care of. 

3 key steps in ensuring we protect our industry, your future business, and the Midea brand. 

Our message to every installer and every end-user is clear: If a Mi Pro trained partner installs our equipment correctly, commissions the systems professionally, and takes care of them efficiently, you will gain the market's longest warranty and best life cycle costs.

Use the links below to learn more about ALL of the benefits of being a Mi Pro partner.

Thank you from Midea UK & Ireland.

If you are not qualified to install FGAS products and have seen the WARRANTY card stating NO FGAS = NO WARRANTY attached to your unit packaging we can help. 



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