Up to 10 Year zero quibble warranty*
Increase the standard of installation and long term care of our products by offering the industry’s first 10 year warranty**


Mi Pro installer maintenance warranty terms
There is no one better at taking care of the long-term maintenance of a Midea product than a Mi Pro partner

Periodic proof of maintenance
We encourage all end users to correctly take care of equipment by meeting the terms of warranty

Next day spare parts with time-critical labour contribution
We provide the market's fastest response times and limit end-user downtime

Free annual training and certificate of accreditation
We support our partners to stay up-to-date with all new products and industry qualifications

Mi Points reward scheme offering marketing support/tooling/discount

Mi Points are awarded to installers who register their installation and agree to the terms of our extended warranty. This is to incentivise those who deliver and register professional installations and encourage long term
care of Midea products. For customers correctly registering installations who are not yet Mi Pro Partners, your points will be awarded when you have achieved 100 Mi Points.

Maximum pipe length refrigerant contribution £/€ 25Kg

We help our partners reduce the environmental impact of refrigerants by encouraging the correct amount to be used. This ensures optimum system efficiency.

*depending on partner status.
**Warranty will be void if the maintenance is not registered annually.