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If you are not a qualified air conditioning engineer and reading this link it is because you have seen our NO FGAS = NO WARRANTY registration cards. You are now hopefully realising you have been mis-sold an FGAS product. PLEASE do not attempt to install this equipment. Your product contains refrigerant that when installed correctly and legally offers no risk. Should you attempt to install an FGAS product without the necessary qualifications and training you could injure yourself. Even if you manage to get the system operating it is likely there will still be moisture in the pipework, and you will be trying to run the system with an inefficient amount of refrigerant. The unit may run for a period of time offering a little heating and cooling but it will do so inefficiently, eventually, your product will fail.


If the unit you are attempting to install displays a yellow warning sticker it also contains partially flammable refrigerant. Perfectly safe when professionally installed. You may have been misinformed into believing you are saving money by installing this product yourself, but do you really want to invalidate your home insurance on equipment that will also have no warranty? 


Please do not despair, you have been misadvised by a reseller that knows the law. It will be in their interest to collect the product and refund you immediately. Please contact us ASAP and we will help you achieve this. We will also reward you with a £100 if you provide us with enough information to prove the reseller acted illegally. You could even use this to purchase our products from a Mi Pro installation partner who is qualified to offer you up to a 10 Year Warranty.


Midea is the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioning and offers the market's best value products. This leaves our brand a target for new reseller accounts who have company FGAS certification and prove they comply with current FGAS laws but then try and profit from working around the law in attempting to irresponsibly sell FGAS products.


We do more than anyone else in preventing the irresponsible 3rd party resale of our products to end-users, examples of this are very rare.

This is one more step to ensure our message is 100% clear to every end-user. 

Professionally supplied and installed air conditioning equipment not only ensures your product is designed to meet your comfort needs it is the most cost-effective way of delivering efficient heating and cooling. If you are not FGAS registered, do not attempt to start installing a product you are not qualified to install as you will immediately invalidate your warranty.

Thank you!

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