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Warranty Terms and Conditions


We are extremely confident in our products reliability to such an extent that we are offering Mi-Pro installation partners who correctly maintain our products the first 10 year warranty* in the industry.

There is no one better at looking after an air conditioning product than the company who has selected the equipment, understands the customer, and the application of the original installation. It therefore makes perfect sense for an end user to select the original installer to achieve the best possible maintenance and life cycle cost from their initial capital purchase.


To support our Mi-Pro installation partners to offer the best possible maintenance and warranty to their customers, we are rewarding our partners who correctly register their installation and maintenance with Mi Points.** Each Mi Point is the equivalent of £/€1. Points and warranty can only be claimed after we acknowledge a customer’s online registration.


Warranty Support: If you take care of our products and something goes wrong we aim to provide excellent customer service and the  simplest, fastest and most economical means of repair in the industry.

1.0 Midea warranty provides:

a. Replacement parts from the recorded date of equipment delivery for up to 10 years*.

b. i) Matched pairs only Split Systems (RAC wall mounted units up to 5 Years*).

    ii) Multi-split systems, standard combinations only (up to 5 Years*).
    iii) VRF (all types, standard combinations only).
    iv) Commercial split (standard combinations only).

2.0 Warranty Includes:

Guarantee against manufacturing faults and materials within the 10-year warranty period*. The replacement parts will be supplied free of charge. A fixed labour allowance will be provided by Midea UK & Ireland for up to 5 years dependent on Mi Pro installer status and product warranty registration.

3.0 10-year warranty policy will be void if system failure is caused by:

i) Non-Midea parts fitted.
ii) Incorrect installation, incorrect application, inadequate or incorrectly executed commissioning.
iii) Neglect, accidental and/or deliberate misuse, normal wear and tear.
iv) Failure to periodically register equipment maintenance with Midea UK & Ireland.
v) Any unauthorised alterations to original products or installation without approval from Midea UK & Ireland.
vi) Equipment working outside of stated operating limits.
vii)Maintenance carried out by anyone other than the original installer (unless agreed to do so with Midea UK).

4.0 Warranty will only be given on products supplied under the official distribution licence of Midea UK & Ireland.

5.0 Procedure

i) We receive/customer acknowledges a Midea UK & Ireland document for replacement parts under warranty.
ii) Replacement parts are shipped to the clients required address on an agreed date.

iii) Faulty parts are retained by the client and if requested must be returned to Midea UK & Ireland.
iv) Any claim made on equipment that does not have proof of periodic maintenance WILL NOT be considered. Under these circumstances, a separate parts purchase order will be required.***
v) Fixed Labour allowances will only be paid to Mi Pro Partners and only on confirmation that system operation was achieved within 72 hours of replacement part delivery. Labour allowance must be claimed for separately.
vi) Midea UK & Ireland reserves the right to update/modify this warranty and its T&Cs at any time.

* Warranty terms dependent on Mi-Pro installer status and annual qualification.
** Failure to register an installation warranty card will void any Mi Points rewards claim.
*** Failure to register an installation warranty card per condensing unit and then at least one of your maintenance visits each consecutive year will result in all warranties being void.

1 x product warranty registration pack is supplied per condensing unit and is affixed onto the unit packaging in a clear plastic wallet. Enclosed within this wallet is a registration card that includes a unique warranty number, Midea pen and 3 step guide on how to complete the warranty registration process. If the warranty registration pack is missing, please report this immediately and we will send a next day replacement free of charge.


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