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Three Phase VRF

Up to 45kW


Wide Range of Indoor Units
Midea provides 12 ranges and more than 100 models of VRF indoor units. These have been proven to meet  a wide range of applications inlcuding Hotels, Hospitals, Office Blocks, Airports and Sport Stadiums.

Wide Operation range

Mini VRF series operates stably under extreme conditions, ranging from minus 15 degrees to 48 degrees.

Long Piping Length

The Mini VRF provides a total pipe length possibility of 250m, a maximum height difference between outdoor and indoor units of 30m. The height difference between the indoor units can be up to 8m. These generous allowances facilitate an extensive array of system designs. 

Easy Installation and Service

No special area is required for outdoor units. All outdoor units can be transported by elevator, which greatly simplifies installation and reduces time and labour.

The Mini VRF system's indoor and outdoor units are almost as easy to install as residential air conditioning systems.

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