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Thank you for taking 2 mins to register your FGAS installation for warranty.

We will now verify your details and provide a warranty certificate within 7 days.

An example of the certificate you will receive is below.


We would like you to understand the reasons for registering your Midea products for warranty.

  • Inform: End-users and businesses that NO FGAS = NO WARRANTY

  • Deter: Resellers who buy products with company FGAS but then try and profit from selling to those who are not qualified to install FGAS products professionally and safely

  • Educate: End-users and businesses to understand they will lose the key benefits of efficient and reliable air conditioning products when they are not "professionally supplied and installed".

  • ·Attract: End-users to achieve the best value from professionally supplied, installed, and periodically maintained products via market-leading warranties.

By certifying warranty at the installation/service stage helps us protect our industry whilst also providing an additional opportunity to remind end-users that the best life cycle ownership costs are achieved through qualified design, FGAS installations, and periodic maintenance. Without this, they have no warranty.

The rewards for our Mi Pro partners who help support the professional installation and future care of our products are long-term maintenance contracts, refrigerant contributions, and Mi Points.

Promoting the energy-saving and warranty benefits of "professional installations" to end-users is at the core of our current mainstream radio advertising.


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