As a Mi Pro partner, you can collect Mi Points on any Midea equipment you purchase and correctly register for warranty. The amount of points you collect is directly related to the size of the unit(s) you are purchasing. 


As an example, a 12,000BTU Midea AG Eco Split-System will accumulate 12 points. Once you have achieved over 100 Mi Points you can redeem them for many rewards. 

You can use your points for:

  • Discount on your future Midea orders*

  • Business contributions to support mutual growth**

All of our Mi Pro Partners have the opportunity to spend
their Mi Points to make work life easier or get help
towards mutual business growth.
Please contact your sales representative or local distributor
to discuss how you would like to spend your Mi Points.

* Up to a maximum of 25% on any order.
** A minimum of 100 points is required before redemption and all points
must be claimed by the end of the year (December 31st)