As a Mi Pro partner, you can collect Mi Pro points on any Midea equipment you purchase. The amount of points you collect is directly related to the size of the unit(s) you are registering for warranty.


As an example, a 12,000BTU Midea Blanc Series Split-System will accumulate 12 points. Once you have achieved over 100 Mi Points you can redeem them for many rewards. 

You can use your points for:

  • Discount on your future Midea orders*

  • Business contributions to support mutual growth*

  • Spending on (luxury products, work products, vouchers)

Additional rewards for you and the end-user:

  • Preventive maintenance is proven to pay for itself due to energy savings

  • Your companies future service registrations offer extended warranty terms 

  • Up to 10 Year Warranty when your company registers periodic maintenance.

Long-lasting rewards for those who take care of our products!